Kasper Learn, “In the Courts or in the Streets”

Kasper Learn, “In the Courts or in the Streets”, Woodsquat (2004): 38.

The freezing of the social housing budget is only one example of the sweeping cuts to public infrastructure implemented by the BC Liberal government. With the coming winter, the struggle for social housing, in particular, has become a life or death struggle. Behind the rhetoric of a balanced budget, the war of state and capital against the poor and working class has been escalated. Evictions of senior citizens from long-term care have taken place. Long welfare waits have been imposed. Health care and education have suffered. With the creation of these neo-liberal policies, the brutal nature of capitalist economics has been laid bare, and a movement of opposition has begun. The fight for social housing is also a fight for social justice. The squat in the Woodwards building is only one example of actions that will be taken to ensure and restore the integrity of public services like social housing BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Nor should it be thought that we intend only to oppose the excesses of capitalism while leaving its daily, grinding brutality intact. With the state’s threat to end our non-violent occupation of an abandoned building, we are forced to examine the police and what consequences have resulted from the violent control of our communities. It would seem that they, too, have a role to play in the social forces that have led to this occupation. The struggle against police brutality, harassment and racism has also become central to the conflict between the powerful and the powerless. With the threat of police force, it is apparent that to demand social housing and to begin to take back our communities are one and the same. In closing, I would like to state that we are tired of begging for token concessions. The daily rule of capital over our lives must end. We will continue to fight the BC Liberal regime with whatever tools make themselves available, be it in the courts or in the streets. We will continue to do so until basic human rights have been established for all, until the spectres of exposure, scarcity and police brutality no longer haunt our streets. We are fighting to win. Thank you all for your time and support.

Interview with Kasper: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/43025

Timothy Learn (November 20, 1984 – May 13, 2010)

LEARN, Timothy (Kasper) On May 13, 2010 Kasper of Edmonton passed away suddenly at the age of 25. He is lovingly remembered as a devoted husband and father by his wife Kaileigh and his daughter Dahlia, his parents Sheryl Douville (Christian) and Ross Learn (Corinne), his brothers Jason, Kyle, Bradley and Alex, and his sister Celine, his paternal grandfather William Ashby and his maternal grandmother Ann Colburn, grandparents Rachel & Pierre Douville as well numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Kasper was predeceased by his grandparents Annie Ashby and Jeffrey Foley and his cousin Stephen Pulleyblank. A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, May 21, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. at Glenwood Funeral Home, south of Wye Road on Range Road 232, Sherwood Park. A interment a and reception will follow at Glenwood Memorial Gardens. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made directly to the family for the future care of Dahlia. To sign the book of condolences, please visit www.glenwoodmemorial.com GLENWOOD 780-467-3337 Funeral Home, Cemetery, Cremation Ctr. Serving Edmonton – Sherwood Park & Area

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