The Woodsquat book, edited by Aaron Vidaver and published as a special issue of West Coast Line in 2004, is out of print. An electronic version (pdf) is available. The table of contents is listed below.

Cover of Woodsquat Book

Reviews of Woodsquat appear in The Vancouver Courier (28 March 2004), The Carnegie Newsletter (1 June 2004), The Columbia Journal (September 2004), XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics (2006) and Perspectives on Anarchist Theory (2007): thanks to David Carrigg, Jean Swanson and Sandy Cameron, Tom Sandborn, Rita Wong and Roger Farr.

Intro & Acknowledgements – Aaron Vidaver 7
Photograph of the Detournement of the “W” Tower – MWAL 9
Canada is All Native Land: Non-Natives are All Squatters – Theresa D. Gray 10
THIS IS NOT A POEM – Maxine Gadd 11
Squatting as an Organizing Tool – Lisa Wulwik 18
Beyond the Collar of Blight – Jeff Sommers 20
Rally to Resist the Cuts Flyer – People’s Opposition 29
Community Actions Letter – Jim Leyden 30
Bustin’ Into Woodwards – Shawn Millar 31
Call for Support Demonstration – Anti-Poverty Committee 33
We Will Not Submit to Corporate Domination – Nathan 34
Four Updates – Azad & Marwan 35
Call for Second Support Demo – Coalition of Woodwards Squatters and Supporters 37
In The Courts or in The Streets – Kasper Learn 38
Two Photographs of the Second Support Demonstration – Marwan 39
Demands – Mike Krebs 41
Squat the World – Skyy 45
Megan Oleson & James Toews Arrest Video Stills – Vancouver Police Department 50
The First Two Evictions of The Woodwards Squat – Ivan Drury 52
The Woodwards 54: Summary Report – Friends of the Woodwards Squat 58
Second Eviction Witness Statements – comp. Woodwards Legal Defense Committee 59
Preliminary List of Objects Destroyed – comp. Woodwards Legal Defense Committee 71
Nighttime Woodwards Sidewalk Cleanup – City of Vancouver 75
Victory Square Addresses – Jim Leyden, Bev Meslo, Chris Livingstone, Ivan Drury 79
Photographs of Ivan Drury; Betty Williams & Mavis Brass – Illara V. Sunsurn 81
Call for Third Support Demonstration – Anti-Poverty Committee 83
Photograph of Ricky Lavallie Speaking & Singing at Third Demo – Vancouver IMC 84
Crime Surveillance Observations – Vancouver Police Department 85
The Step by Step Process of Meetings and Common Terms – Debbie Krull 86
Roughing it in The City – Craig Ballantyne 88
I Arrived Completely By Accident – Ann Wilden 90
The Queen Visits Woodwards – Murray Bush 91
I Haven’t Met More Beautiful People in My Entire Life – Chrystal Durocher 92
Points of Unity and Strategy of the Coalition – CWSS 95
Two Speeches at Victory Square – Toecutter & Zeus 96
The Woodwards Squat December 1st – Peter Z 98
From the Woodwards Squat to Widespread Social Overhaul – Chris Forth 99
Graffiti Featuring Journalist Andrew Struthers – Anonymous 104
I’m Still Here. I’m Still Breathing. Can’t Get Rid of Me That Easy. – Lacey Rainer 105
Woodsquat – Trevor M 107
They Think We’re Disposible But We’re Not: We’re Recyclable – A Native Man 118
Photos of Chris Barton/Angel Williams & Nick Olsen/Matthew Bonnetrouge – FWS 122
Until We Win – Hidden in Dark Well 124
Report from the Police Board Meeting – Shane Davis 126
Letter to Preempt Third Police Eviction – CWSS 127
Campbell is the WTO Virus – Claude Maurice 128
Photograph of Ångel – Woodwards Squat Native Caucus 130
Here is Home – Ångel 131
Call for Emergency Mobilization and Action – Determined Housing Affinity Group 133
Defend the Tent City – Kara Sievewright 134
Squatter Threat: The Black Scare – Insurgent-S 135
Letter to the City Engineer Delivered by Hand to City Hall  – CWSS 137
Monster Liberal Hallowe’en Ball – Murray Bush 139
This is It – Roy Gladiator Archie 140
On the Politics, On Addiction, On Prisons and Pigs, On Class War – T. Forsythe 143
Movement Tactics and Electoral Politics – Shannon Bundock 146
Absolute Chaos – Adam Murray 148
We Need to be Left Alone – Lyn Tooley 150
City Announces Homeless Action Plan – Friends of the Woodwards Squat 152
Photograph of November 25 Rally – Jason X 153
Woodwards Squat Under Imminent Attack – Anti-Poverty Committee 154
Stick Together! Power in Unity! We Will Win! – Woodwards Squat ERT 155
I’m Completely Distracted Within the First Seven Seconds – Taum Danberger 157
We Belong Here – Kathy May Lee Rattlesnake 165
Third Woodsquat Memorandum Excerpt  – Vancouver City Manager 169
Letter to Mayor and Council – Woodwards Legal Defense Committee 173
Transcript of Negotiations Discussion – Rev. Davin Ouimet & Cameron Gray 175
Tactical Situation at Woodwards – Vancouver Police Department 177
Invitation to Premier Gordon Campbell – Dayl Scheltgen 181
Eternal Turtle Island – Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society 182
Chain Reaction – Tony Snakeskin 183
Squatter Portraits – Aaron Vidaver 186
A Thousand Songs to Choose From – Elvis Ace Nelson 200
Lily of the Valley – Hazel Hoyle 202
Frances to Woody – Bruce Gongola 206
Legal Strategies at the Woodwards Squat – Noah Quastel 208
Two Versions of the September 20 Edition of The Sun – The Vancouver Sun 222
Shallow Stories to Ill-Informed Public – Diana Leung 223
Photograph of Doris Louis – Friends of the Woodwards Squat 229
A Ghetto is No Community – David Cunningham 230
Twelve Days of Squatting – Jewel C 236
Notes on Contributors 238


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