Taum Danberger (28 August 1953 – 6 November 2003)

Taum Danberger

No Weiners No Schnitzel

No Sharing No Pot Seed

No Personal Issues

No Bars No Jobs

No Diagnosis No College of Physicians or Surgeons

No Waste of Time No Crime No Home As

No ID No Entrance No Rights No Pepperspray

No Zapstraps No Tazers No Carbines No Surrender

No Life Not Now No Visitors After Eight

No Cmas No Death No Costs No Food No Heat

No Yelling Fuck Off No Roomzzzz

No Dogs Off Leash

* * On the Beach No Wading No Swimming

No Throwing Rocks at the Waves / Beach

No Fires No Walking Into Traffic No Caution

No Pay No Yellows Are Not Reds No Reds Are Not Whites

No Whites Are Not Blues

No Illumination No Thought Not One

No Not Scot Sewer Rock

No Buying or Selling No Code Names

No Seditious Treason No Lies No Love No Crying

No Comfort No Levity No Interrogatives No Controlzzzz

No Questions

No Shit No Bunk No Posting Bills No Gasoline

No Cans on the Ferry No Inflating Devices

No Ball Playing No Golf

No Married Men

No Shortages

(from I’m Completely Distracted Within The First Seven Seconds)

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